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A one stop platform that works to fulfil all your requirements under one brand, where we extend our services to provide you with opportunities to grow and expand in various aspects pertaining to your field of expertise. We believe in following through on our promises by ensuring the requirements of our clients are not only matched but exceeded by bringing their vision to fruition through an approach that entails collaborating with the clients. Our wide ranging services take care of your every digital need as we at Techineur believe that in this day and age, everything is interlinked to an extent and we strive to adapt and work on improving this interconnectivity every day. We provide services that range from providing technical and overall assistance in fields, such as Web Development, Mobile Applications and Web Services to Digital Marketing, So, whatever you're in need of, our team will work with you and help you achieve your goal in a timely manner.

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We aspire to be the catalyst that revolutionises technology for the next generation, providing the pathway for customers, employees , partners and enterprises to adapt and integrate with the next-Gen technologies.

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To make our clients excel in their domain by providing solutions and services that fuses their business with Information Technology. We will be a pioneer of modern technology, marching towards a digital future, where nothing seems impossible. At the same time, we also plan to foster our employees, providing them a forum to learn, grow, and develop their interpersonal skills and be a social citizen working for the betterment of the society


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Unleashing Innovation in Mobile Application Development: From Design to Development and Ongoing Support. Our expertise extends to crafting mobile solutions for Packaged ERP systems, backed by a skilled team of developers specializing in ERP Mobile development and seamless integration. Trust us to deliver exceptional results, empowering your business with cutting-edge mobile solutions that drive efficiency and enhance user experience.

  Web Design & Development

Empowering Your Vision with a Team of Highly Skilled Designers: Crafting Custom Web Applications for Your Business Using Versatile Tech Stacks. Experience the Expertise in MERN, MEAN, FARM, and API-Based REST Services with PHP, Python, .Net, Java, and Databases including MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.Trust us to Transform Your Ideas into Reality with Seamless Functionality and Unmatched Scalability.

   Mobile Apps Development

Unleashing Innovation in Mobile Application Development: From Design to Development and Ongoing Support. Our expertise extends to crafting mobile solutions for Packaged ERP systems, backed by a skilled team of developers specializing in ERP Mobile development and seamless integration. Trust us to deliver exceptional results, empowering your business with cutting-edge mobile solutions that drive efficiency and enhance user experience.


Pioneering Transformation with AI and Machine Learning: Redefining Industries through Innovation. With a focus on healthcare, education, and e-commerce, we spearhead the revolution by addressing the growing demand for agile and progressive healthcare solutions. Embrace the limitless possibilities as we unlock new horizons and reshape industry landscapes, driving the forefront of innovation through AI and machine learning. Join us on this transformative journey and be part of the future where opportunities abound.


Empowering Your Salesforce Experience: Tailored Solutions for Seamless Offline Mobile Functionality. Our customized Salesforce solutions offer comprehensive offline capabilities, allowing you to access vital information and conduct transactions effortlessly through our Mobile App. With seamless synchronization when online, you can stay productive anytime, anywhere. Elevate your Salesforce experience with our cutting-edge mobile solutions and unlock the power of mobility.


Driving Success with Our Proven 5-Step Process: Analyze, Adopt, Support, Stabilize, and Continuous Improvement, Year by Year. Our meticulous approach ensures thorough analysis, seamless adoption, dedicated support, stable operations, and ongoing enhancement, guaranteeing your long-term success. Experience the power of our systematic methodology as we guide you towards continuous improvement and sustainable growth, year after year.


Adapting to Evolving Business Dynamics: Unlocking the Power of Flexible Resources for Project-Based Needs. In today's ever-changing landscape, organizations often require temporary and project-based resources. Our core competency lies in identifying and delivering flexible professionals who can seamlessly integrate into any phase of your business. Experience the agility and versatility of our resource solutions as we help you navigate through the evolving demands of your projects.

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1.Customer authentication and authorization.

2.Customer profile management with coupon programme.

3.Listing of restaurants for user selection.

4.Provision of menu across all the restaurants.

5.Ordering system with cart.

6.Past order with the feature of Repeat orders.

7.Integration with UPI Payments.

8.Order and delivery tracking.

9.Table reservation functionality.

Reserve in 2 easy steps: 1. Select the "Dine In" option.Punch-in the reservation requirement. 2. Wait for the restaurant to accept your reservation. Once accepted the restaurant confirms the reservation and allots a table for the user. An instant booking confirmation will be sent to you on the app as notification.

Dine in 3 easy steps: 1. Arrive at the restaurant on time and show the Table Reservation confirmation sent by the Restaurant digitally. 2. Order any food items from the menu. 3. Pay for the bill with UPI Payments from the app or Cash on Delivery.

What makes us different from others is that payment needn't be done by the person ordering. If a team of employees of an organisation is out for a project dine, the expense can be paid by the management or finance directly using the app thus avoiding submission and unwanted glitches in payment.



Application designed to help the Spa management team to book the appointment,Checkin the customer, handling treatments, check out, billing, emailing the invoice to customer, payment collection and the customer history.

Streamlined spa appointment software makes it easy to schedule appointments, block time off and accept online booking appointments from within the app. Spa managers can see all therapists availability on demand, and can schedule appointments for them based on their availability.

Multi-Tenancy Spa Application caters to 25+ spa locations using sin gle application for both Web and Mobile. Spas will love the integrated Spa point of sale POS system. Swipe credit cards using a convenient mobile credit card reader, or type in credit card information to process credit card or debit card transactions.

Receipts are emailed automatically when you’re done so you can keep paper out of it! View formula history, past service purchases and upcoming appointments for all of your clients.Send them a quick text or email right from the app.

This application is a useful client manager and makes it easy to keep up-to-date and in contact with all of your clients.Benefits for business - Increase your daily bookings and boost sales , Eliminate empty seats and time slots , Attract new customers with last-minute deals and special offers , Use your mobile device - no expensive scheduling software necessary.



User will be able to Create a WIPJOB and process it through completion using the Mobile Application.

We have 4 major screen developed to complete the job process.

1.Create Job.

2.WIP Material Transactions.

3.WIP Move Transactions

4.Resource Transactions



This application helps managers to track field reps customer visits through an app on their smartphones.

View reps GPS positions and know the time they check-in at each location.

Collect timesheet,expense and mileage information,photo reports and visit notes For field reps - Plan and optimize your customer rounds to save time , Record your mileage and business expenses , Take and share photos and notes during your visits , Reduce or even eliminate off-hours reporting



Employees can capture their expenses while on move and submit the expense report form approval to the manager.Approval process id setup using PHP and mysql database where we can define the customer approval process for expense approval.

Manager app is provided for viewing the expense and approving the expense. Once approved we can integrate the same to any ERP like Oracle or SAP or it can also be integrated with your current finance system.

The user can add their trip and expense details using the "Enter" module.

The created expenses can be accessed from the "View" module.

After submitting the expense the manager can access them via the "Approval" module. Manager can either approve,reject or forward the expense to the next level.



User will be able to received the items using a data entry form which captures the entire entry scanned or entered into the form.

Once the user enters the line details he can save the data into local Sqlite Database using the SAVE button.

On Click on the small box (DFF), application enables you with the option of entering multiple serial numbers for the given item as per the quantity.

On pressing the DONE button the data will be submitted to Oracle Application. App will open a new Carousal page with the complete data information related to PO Receiving for final confirmation.

Submit button will process the data into Oracle Application using API / Interfaces


Home Service Management System

Application is designed to help the tenants of an apartment raise complaints using call-logs.

Call-log: On successfull login user can access application. The application displays call-log with images and call-log names. On clicking the images user is taken to the next call-log level.On drilldown if there are any sub levels it will display the next level else it will take user to the "Add call-log Complaint" screen. The next call-log levels will be displayed till the user reaches the final call-log level.

JobSheet: After successfull login, user has to select call-log property and the call-log id. If record exists for selected property, then details are displayed. User needs to fill-in the "Maintenence Jobsheet-Contractor copy" by entering data, date, time, contractor, material, efforts and work description. If all the required information is entered, the jobsheet will be saved.

The person who is assigned the call-log can also login and check all the work assigned to him

He can the update the work status from mobile as well as from web



This application is designed for handling restaurant table reservations. The customer sends table reservation request. Based on table availability the staff can accept the reservation and send a notification to the user. Once the customer visits the restaurant he should show the digital confirmation received from the restaurant. Then the table will be allocated to the customer.



This application is the fastest way to handle restaurants orders. It makes the life of waiters, managers, cooks and owners easier. Orders of customers can be taken in seconds. The kitchen receives the order as soon as the manager takes it. The app is recommended for any restaurant who do not want to fumble around with pen and paper. We understand that item by item order status update is a necessity, and hence, have included it. User notification is sent when the order is confirmed, in progress or completed.